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In the Nocturnes series, made with oil pastel on canvas, Ariadne discovered in practice that all color is light. The darkness of night ceases to exist with the reflection of colors, especially ocher yellow, on people, architecture and objects. This series was produced some  times directly on the sites, other times, with  the aid of photographic records.


“I have always drawn on a colored background, because I love to see the light emerge. In Nocturnes this intensifies. It's a colorful game that lights up. (Night is an internal territory). There is in her a feeling of silence and recollection, restlessness of waiting), a selfish pleasure in being with oneself. Color fascinates, illuminates, contrasts, plays at being an emotional state and deceives by appearing to be reality. The Nocturnes are, in short, an experience with a passion for color and a technical challenge in the eye.”

Ariadne_Decker_Noturnos_POA -_Floristas.jpg
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