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Surface design

Among the various niches in which he works, surface design is part of his work. There are several partnerships, designed according to the needs of each company, in order to integrate art into the product, valuing the brand and making art accessible through different segments.

His curriculum includes the creation of prints, reproduction of works and own design directed to the application of products and surfaces. Shoes, bags, boxes, fabrics and even the plotting of train cars are among his projects.

Another form of exhibition of his art, which breaks with the idea that we can only enjoy the work of artists in traditional spaces such as galleries, are the insertions he makes in the design of footwear products and their packaging. The shoe boxes, which have already been the subject of many of his works, are now bringing images of his paintings. Ariadne is also experimenting, in partnership with the Território Nacional industry and the Dunes-SP and Adrielle-BA store chains, for the use of her work in the preparation of printed surfaces, in the manufacture of bags and shoes. Ariadne insists on signing each pair, seeing this as an important link with her entire artistic production. Due to this characteristic, it is a highly differentiated product.


The arrival of the train in the center of Novo Hamburgo  brought a quick connection between Novo Hamburgo and the capital, a connection that expanded the job market, access to culture, commercial growth, possibilities for from the FENAC park, besides, of course, to relieve the traffic of the BR 116. The train arrived in Novo Hamburgo bringing hope, confirming possibilities and realizing old aspirations.  The city has long dreamed of new perspectives, with concrete achievements. This first arrival took on a very special meaning, a connection with hope for the future. The proposal to envelop (adhesive) the wagons with the reproduction of works by Ariadne Decker. The themes chosen were “Packages of flowers com  newspapers” and “Shoes”. The first, a tribute to the city through packages of colorful flowers wrapped in newspapers that bring news, meanings, wishes and hopes with the arrival of the train and the second, the symbol, the image_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ of the city, shoes in production quantity:

 “Seeing and reading about people's happiness with the arrival of the train then and now, I realized the importance of this moment. The train not only facilitates the transport of passengers, but also allows connections with art, with culture, with new opportunities for work and leisure. So I thought the wagons themselves could be turned into art. I produced the two canvases especially for plotting”, says the artist. The first frame is a tribute to the city through packages of colorful flowers wrapped in newspapers that bring the news, meanings, desires and hopes with the arrival of the train and, the second, the symbol of the city, shoes in production quantity. .”

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