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The Atelier

Atelier de Artes Ariadne Decker offers individualized courses in the modalities of drawing and painting, using charcoal, graphite, dry pastel, oil pastel and acrylic paint, meeting the needs of each student. Classes with the artist are on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2 pm. 

On Wednesdays, the studio offers a course on drawing in comics with Daniel HDR, drawing professor at Marvel and DC Comics.

In addition to being the place where the artist produces her works, it also has an exhibition space that presents the artist's collection of works and rooms where she and guest artists give courses and workshops. In addition to the works, reproductions and various objects of applied art are for sale.

The house where the studio is today is located in the heart of Hamburgo Velho in the well-known Casa da Lira, a house with approximately 122 years old that belonged to the musician and professor Samuel Dietschi, being recognized for its cultural historical value for the city.

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