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Dumping ground

In 1988, Ariadne started the series "The garbage" outside the studio, she was looking for reasons to draw. Looking for landscapes, he ended up finding the place known as "Lixão". 

"When I saw it, my heart ached, in the middle of the flooding area of Rio dos Sinos, there was a garbage dump and a sanitary landfill. leathers and all that...", he remembers.  

The first works were with airbrush and acrylic paint, made in parts, like the triptychs. With his first works, he received an honorable mention at the Novo Hamburgo Salon - 60 Years of Emancipation.

 The "Lixos'' showed the backstage of the city, from 1988 to 1989. Plastically, they are provocative, even for causing a conflicting sensation between strangeness and beauty._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

"If the model moves me aesthetically and plastically, I try to pass it on to the frame. The impression I have is that I am responsible for showing it to someone." 

Repetition and industrial seriality are in the piles of glue cans or in the packaging. The ironic pile of cleaning products, in the middle of the Dumpster, had repercussions on the awards given at the Salão de Canoas. She never managed to show the entire series, exposing only a part during the Sinos Te Quero Vivo project, when her works were exhibited together with João Ricardo da Silva's audiovisual sessions. 

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