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Old Hamburg

In 1989, Ariadne had her second child, and the exhibitions took a break. But invited to work in the recently restored building of Padaria Reiss, in the Hamburgo Velho neighborhood, she allowed herself to be enveloped by the peculiar urban landscape of the place. Inside the house, everything was very new and clean, which required care impossible for atelier work. So, Ariadne decided to take to the streets, dedicating her gaze to the neighborhood that has been a highlight in the preservation of Brazilian historical heritage.


This set of works by Ariadne generated her individual exhibition at the Modernidade Gallery, in 1991. On the canvases, the old part was done in pastel, while the recent constructions were represented with a mixture of glue, sand and paint, as if it were "concrete". .

In 1991, he carried out his first series of works on the Historic Center of the Hamburgo Velho neighborhood, in the city of Novo Hamburgo. The city's bars motivated essays on urban daily life in 1992. In 1999, he proposed to review the place, producing an image with a 180 degree view of the set of buildings that continues to be a reason for campaigns by conservation groups, since the changes urban areas increasingly threaten their preservation.


In this second series, his works led to an exhibition at the Schmitt-Presser House, which today is a museum that deals with immigration and the cultural roots of the region. The colors became stronger and she began to work with oil pastels on canvas.

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