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children's toys

Their first child, Rafael, was born in 1979, the second, Eduardo, in February 1989, inspiration for working with children's figures. At Escola Fazer Arte, aimed at children, he started making notes in art classes for children. Using templates requires fast drawing. In Ariadne's opinion, it is a difficulty that favors her work, since it takes away the hardness of the graphic features, which working with photographs, for example, can cause.


The models – who were the children participating in the workshop – painted shoe boxes and played house. While they painted, Ariadne also painted as part of the game. The accumulating boxes, with the scribbles that the little ones invented, motivated the artist. This later led to exploring the profusion of colors provided by a multitude of toys.

The second child's toys gave a playful continuity to the previous look at the Dumpster. The heaps of objects favor a mixture of abstraction with reality, with the reorganization of representations of the world in its artistic creation space. 

"Our world is like that. I can't see things as unique. In jobs where I have only one, through division I discover a multiplicity''.


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