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formula 1

In 2002, Ariadne was invited to pay tribute to the Brazilian motorsport champion, at the Tribute to Ayrton Senna exhibition, which took place at the Hilton Hotel, in the Morumbi neighborhood, in São Paulo, in April 2003. The theme portrayed was the car race. The show was organized by Sandra Sett, who invited, on behalf of Viviane Senna, other artists such as Mai Bavoso, Sandro Corradin, Edivaldo Catini and Flávio Mayumi.

Crowds appeared on Ariadne's canvases, which established a direct connection with what she had previously been doing in the repetition of objects. It is a discovery that should motivate further studies. Ariadne was also part of the tribute to Senna in her previous series called Fábrica das Flores, the  bouquês appear rolled up in newspapers that report on the car driver's achievements, the way they appear in the florists' stalls, with headlines from all over the world.


One canvas by each artist was donated to the institute named after the pilot. Subsequently, the canvases are exhibited at the former Galeria Modernidade in Novo Hamburgo, in the group show Velocity, the artists used photographs of the Brazilian pilot published in newspapers, magazines and unpublished photographs provided by friends, such as photographer Marco Dircxs.

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